Boucherouite Moby


160 x 110 cm


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A unique handcrafted Boucheroite Berber rug with a clear fish design. The mint colored rug was handcrafted in Morocco by our weavers. The weavers crafted this modern contemporary design rug from textile scraps. The recycled rug features a modern graphic design with three elements. The design of this rug will add instant modern style to any room. It is recognizably traditionally Moroccan but appears stylish because of the modern design and colors. Its fabric scraps are mostly cotton. This rug is a true epitome of up cycling handmade by Moroccan women artisans in traditional manner. The rug is quite heavy due to the amount of textile straps. Also note the beautiful frame it has due to a matching color mix./vc_column_text]
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 160 × 110 cm

black, mint green, pink


textile scraps, mostly cotton