Azilal & Ourika


These rugs from the regions Azilal or Ourika are handwoven by Amazigh women. They are characterized by colorful patterns and symbols on an uncolored background of white wool. Often they are made from wool on cotton and colors are mixed wool or cotton (to ensure waterproof colors).

Beni Mrirt


Khenifra is a well-known region for Moroccan artisan rugs. Here, the Beni Mrirt has its origin. A large amount of finest luxurious sheepswool is more densely knotted than in a Beni Ourain. A Mrirt can have beautiful color nuances and degrading shades as well as modern graphic designs. The modern technique Mhafra by which a 3D design is woven in can be found in Beni Mrirt and Beni Ourain rugs.

Beni Ourain


A Beni Ourain rug is made from a 100% sheep’s wool and by using two strings for one knot. They are traditionally very heavy and thick quality. A very comfortable rug that adds luxury and warmth to your home.



Boucherouites are handmade by using recycled textiles. Originally Amazigh women delevoped this method due to a wool shortage. Nowadays it’s an artful, sustainable ode to artisan handmade craftsmanship. Materials used are mostly cotton but also mixed fabrics and wool.

Boujaad & Vintage


Boujaad rugs are usually vintage or made from recycled wool from vintage kilims. Boujaad is a region in the middle Atlas Mountains. All colors in Boujaad rugs are naturally dyed wool. The wool is very soft and often short piled. By the use of symbols the weaver tells a story on these unique rugs. Each rug is a carefully selected vintage item.

Zanafi & Kelim Rugs


Our Zanafi rugs are flat woven from thick pure wool strings. The patterns are similar to the traditional diamond and triangle patterns of the Beni Ourain. (All our Zanafi are thick and woven with one knot. Also they are prewashed to ensure colors are waterproof)

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