Our ideal of working ethically means to be respectful of both the artisans with whom we collaborate and with our environment.



Amazing Rugs provides an honest payment and a regular income. Some women prefer to weave in their homes others have a working place in a cooperative. Also, we are aware that middlemen and even shops need an income as well, so we don’t deny sourcing vintage rugs with their help and buying from them as well. Actually, they are often valuable supporters of the artisans by supplying not only wool and fabrics but also regular orders from customers worldwide.


All our pieces are handwoven on traditional Amazigh (Berber) looms. The rugs are chemical-free and almost all colors are naturally dyed (not the neon colors).



We wish to promote and spread the beauty of an ancient weaving technique and tradition.



As we are in close contact with the weavers and visit them regularly we offer SOUK-SALE directly from Marocco. How it works you will find here.

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