Azilal bluma


238 x 150 cm
93,7 x 59,1 inch

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Typical symbols arranged in a modern Azilal rug. Symbols such as diamonds, zigzag lines and an abstract flower neatly arranged in a separate manner with a usage of strong colors. A joyful and unique artisanal rug. Soft and natural wool knotted and woven in Azilal manner, making it soft and not too heavy in weight and rather short piled. It was woven on a natural white base with strong pink, blue, orange and yellow accents. Please note that this is a handwoven rug where imperfection is part of its uniqueness, however one side is notably uneven

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 238 × 150 cm

basic wool white, fluorescent pink, blue, yellow, black


sheepswool on cotton, colors are mixed wool